Tuesday, September 2, 2014

French Wedding

French Wedding - August 15, 2014

Groom waiting for his bride

Father and daughter walk through the town with flower girls

Meeting at the Mayor's Office

Waiting for ceremony to begin in the Mayor's Office.  (The French government does recognize a temple wedding and so couples are required to get married in the Mayor's office)

Coming out after ceremony

St. Maurice es Allier - name of small village where wedding took place.


 Name place tags -  -  Elder Burton &  Joel  - Father of the bride.   Joel made one for each guest

Mother of the Bride

 After the hors d'oeuvres

 Napkins at each place setting

Game of Him (Lui) or Her (Elle)
 It was a treat to share the day with such beautiful people.   They're off to get married for time and eternity at the London Temple.

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