Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

Our very lovely French hostess

 French Host

and their lovely daughter

We start the evening with escargot

It's in there somewhere

And jumbo shrimp

We also had leg of lamb with prunes, carrots, potatoes and green beans.   It was such a delicious meal, one we won't forget.

The Cheese platter

And beautiful dessert

The spirit of the evening with this great family is one we will always treasure.
So fun to sing Christmas carols with them!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The week before Christmas

Elder Burton signing in Church (beautiful small town of Saint Diery)

Practice before concert starts

Director conferring with organist (small keyboard)

Elder Burton got to sign with this fun community choir director by a
sister who belongs to our ward in Clermont-Ferrand - considered it
a great privilege.

New sisters at Ward Christmas Party

Family Home evening

Goodnight @ door - getting the thought of the week

Baptism guests

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lyon Conference and Lights

Dinner with a Mission aquaintance from 1967 as part of Mission Senior's Conference

President Roney

 Pictures of the Festival of Lights - Lyon 2013
(Some of these pictures were taken from the internet and some we took ourselves)
It is a festival to honor Mary.  In 1643 the plague struck and the city government promised to
honor Mary if the city was spared.  Each year the residents placed a candle in their window on December 8.  It has grown to a huge celebration with several million people out viewing the lights for 3 or 4 nights.

                     Our guide so we didn't get lost ………………………………

Yes, that is a ferris wheel

Light show is a celebration of Mary

More from France

On our drive to go home teaching
She was 15 when Elder Burton was here on his first mission

Last Sunday for one elder- Great YSA and friends

Great UNO Game our apartment

Fun places

Wonderful sister and her pet pigeon (17 years old)

Looking French?

Another Church - love them

Great parking job - same distance in back