Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our Young Adults Thanksgiving Dinner - November 23, 2013.

2nd Turkey - small than first

Elder Burton with young American girl living in France.

Serving Pie
We are grateful for this opportunity to serve these great young people and new friends!

Family Home Evening

Some Family Home Evening Activities with members and non-members!

Elder Rogers and Elder Arts entertaining the group

Lovely gift from a lovely young woman!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Home Teaching

We get to to Home Teach this wonderful couple.  They live over an hour away and come to church faithfully even though he isn't a member.  We gathered mushrooms and enjoyed eating them too.  How fun is that?


Random Pictures, People, Places and Things

Family Home Evening

Sweet Sister who helped me find a yarn store in Brive

November 1st is All Saints Day (Like our Memorial Day)


Beautiful Village

French Blue Shutters

Unique stone stairs

Bridge on the way home from Lyon (even rain drops on window)

Everywhere a picture

The beauty never ends!


I am sharing some of my Church Pictures.   I love to see CHURCHES in the center of every hamlet, village, town, and large city.   For centuries, people here have worshiped God.   It was the center of their life as well as their community.    How far we seemed to have come from the very thing that centers us,  our Faith, our Religion, our God.   He is still there, waiting for us to acknowledge him in all things.