Thursday, May 29, 2014

Highlights of the past week

This is the chateau Murol -   We passed it on the way to the church where Elder Burton was singing in a quartet.

Elder Burton and young elders were invited to participate in a choir performance in this beautiful old church in Saint Victor la Rivière.

Vielle - a musical instrument

played by turning the knob in her right hand and the keyboard with her left

Young Single Adult dinner, planned, prepared, and cooked by them.  

Peeling hot potatoes

 After dinner, doing dishes, it is the Young Single Adult's turn to clean the church.

Saying goodbye to the missionaries. . . . . again

                               Elder Burton teaching a missionary choir

Elder Burton leading the choir

Beautiful end to the day

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A little sad history and some happier events

Oradou Sur Glane - a small French village where a terrible atrocity took place during World War II.  The entire population of the village was rounded up and either shot or burned to death by Nazi soldiers.  

In this Church in Oradou Sur Glane, over 300 women and childen were locked in and burned to death

 The entire village was then burned,  men were rounded up in 3 different locations and shot.

The ruins have been left as a memorial for all the tragedies that took place not only here but for other locations in France.

On a happier note. . . . . Service at the Canonici's

A visit to the Puy de Dome

Visiting after Church on Sunday

A fancy Deux Cheveaux