Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mission Wide Conference in Nice to and from

Wild poppies in a wheat field.   What a gorgeous sight!

The following pictures are from Clermont-Ferrand in a circle on our way to and from
a Mission Conference held in Nice.   We traveled to Lyon for Stake Conference and then
by way of Grenoble and GAP to Nice.   On the way home we drove through Grasse, and then along the coast to Aix, then Nimes and back to Clermont-Ferrand.  It is a beautiful country!

Drive to Nice through Grenoble and GAP

French Alps

Early Morning street in GAP - walk way for pedestrian and bicycles.  We could ride a bike here.

Sisteron -

Another beautiful city on the way to Nice -

Pictures from the Conference Center where our meeting with Elder Neil L. Andersen was held.   Checking out the sound systems and flowers.

All missionaries (270) in the France Lyon Mission attended and most came by chartered buses.    Held at the Acropolis Center in Nice, France.   We were asked not to take pictures during the meeting.   All missionaries got to shake Elder Andersen's hand and participate in a choir.   Elder Burton lead the choir, in a version of the Hosannah Anthemn and the mission theme song "Angels we have heard on High" or "Les anges dans nos campaigns" a popular French carol.   Missionaries have told us angels sang with them.  It was Stunning!

Grasse - We stayed here the night after our conference.

Aix en Provence

Elder Burton's Niceoise salad - can you find the anchovies? 

Market Place

Next Stop on our way home from Nice
Nîmes - pronounced without the S
(Why do they put it there then?)

Arènes de Nîmes

The "Maison carrée" a Roman temple 

Door of the Temple

Pont du Gard
The ancient system used to bring water to the city of Nîmes - from a spring in Uzes.
Construction started in 50 AD for this 50 kilometer aqueduct.  The entire construction, 
which comprises three levels, is built with large blocks with dry joints and no cement.  

Top level, where the water flowed

We returned Friday night just in time to go to a YSA activity.   We have had 3 activities since.  More pictures of them to come.

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