Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Continues

Spring continues

Can you see why . . .

this is our favorite walk.  We don't get there very often but we love it when we do.

Our Finnish sister missionary's last Sunday.

Writing a note to the leaving sister missionary

Interesting place.   This is a building inside a building.  It is the restaurant called 1513.
If you look very closely at the figures above the door, you see that they are humans covered with feathers.
We are told that these represent American Indians.    What the French heard about American Indians at the time is that they were covered with feathers.   Thus. . . . .

Sister Bartin -   She keeps a rabbit and pigeon in her apartment

Yan Min helping to make crepes
Our apartment for FHE

I never used to like old cars, but I am fascinated  . . . . .

One more - What is the model and year?

A Few More Drive By ' s . . . .

A Lane

A view


Leaving. . . .

One More (We have been doing a lot of driving lately)

This must have been magnificent in its day.

It is very large and can be seemed from miles, but it is just a big rock pile now.


Couldn't resist these pictures of our sweet Sister Delimele.   When our regular teacher isn't there she fills in as the teacher.    She is such a gracious lady.

One more market picture!

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